Planning a Marquee Wedding

An outdoor wedding is nice, but a marquee wedding can be better. Still enjoying the outdoor atmosphere, a marquee wedding allows you to remain protected in all kinds of weather, enjoy dancing, and have an elegant day. Yet there are some important factors to consider when planning a marquee wedding.

What’s the Difference?

Planning a marquee wedding is a little different, because you are actually in control of your structure as well as the ceremony and reception themselves. A marquee is a tent-like structure with walls on the sides that offer you a unique atmosphere for the wedding.

Which Style Marquee do I need?

  • Peg & Pole Marquees - with guide ropes, pegs and centre poles. Can only be installed on grass surfaces
  • Super Frame Marquees – Free Standing Structured Marquees with no centre poles. Can be installed on grass or asphalt surfaces, tennis courts, you name it.

Add that special touch!

Silk Roof Linings - Silk Wall Linings - Fairy Lights  - Entranceways

The Venue

  • When you have a marquee wedding, you have to decide where to put the marquee.
  • The versatility of a marquee is that they can be installed on even surfaces, grass, asphalt, tennis courts etc and the Frame models can be installed right next to buildings etc due to not needing guide ropes.

The Size

  • Before you hire your marquee, you need to have an idea of the number of guests. This will help you determine how much space you will need. Knowing the size of your guest list will also determine electrical and heating/cooling needs.


  • While the number of people attending your wedding is important, so are your plans for the day. Will you be getting married in the marquee or at another location? Will you be having a buffet or serving food at tables? Will you need a dance floor?
  • All the activities will determine the size and shape of your marquee. Considerations will need to be given to access of service staff, the bar, dance floor, and more.


  • A marquee is not necessarily any more expensive than a reception hall, but if you are on a tight budget there are some things you can do to make the marquee more affordable. For instance, you can have your wedding during the day. This way you can use the natural light and it will save you money on a generator.
  • Don’t forget our 4 day hire policy. This means you can have your wedding, reception and ‘day after’ function all in the same venue for the one cost, now that’s a saving!!

If you have a lot of unique ideas and just cannot find that perfect venue for your wedding, then you may want to consider having a marquee wedding.  With the ability to customize your structure and all of your planning, it will allow you the most flexibility on your wedding day.

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