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Clip Frame Marquee

The Clip Frame Marquee is commonly said to be more 'modern' looking with it's squared roof shape. These marquees are avaliable in a variety of sizes and we can provide either clear or white walls (or a mixture)- depending on what you are after. All marquees can be fitted with silk linings. 

 Note: The Clip Frame Marquee does not have a central pole like its Peg and pole counterpart.


Below are the prices for our most commonly hired sizes over a four day hire. We can give you a more accurate quote when we know how many people you will be accommodating and which type of marquee you would like.


3 Metre x 3 Metre   $189.00                  (maximum capacity 10 people)

3 Metre x 6 Metre   $299.00                  (maximum capacity 20 people)

3 Metre x 9 Metre   $409.00                  (maximum capacity 30 people)

4 Metre x 4 Metre   $289.00                  (maximum capacity 15 people)


6 Metre x 6 Metre  $499.00                    (maximum capacity 40 people)

6 Metre x 9 Metre  $679.00                    (maximum capacity 60 people)

6 Metre x 12 Metre  $889.00                  (maximum capacity 80 people)

6 Metre x 15 Metre  $1139.00                (maximum capacity 100 people)

6 Metre x 18 Metre  $1299.00                (maximum capacity 120 people)

6 Metre x 21 Metre  $1529.00                (maximum capacity 140 people)

6 Metre x 24 Metre  $1799.00                (maximum capacity 160 people)

(GST incusive)

Additional 3 Metre sections can be added for $130 per section (for 6 Metre hires).


10 Metre x 10 Metre  $1349.00              (maximum capacity 110 people)

10 Metre x 15 Metre  $1969.00              (maximum capacity 156 people)

10 Metre x 20 Metre  $2599.00              (maximum capacity 220 people)

10 Metre x 25 Metre  $3299.00              (maximum capacity 275 people)

10 Metre x 30 Metre  $3879.00              (maximum capacity 335 people)

10 Metre x 35 Metre  $4499.00              (maximum capacity 390 people)

10 Metre x 40 Metre  $5099.00              (maximum capacity 445 people)

10 Metre x 45 Metre  $5649.00              (maximum capacity 500 people)

(GST incusive)

Additional 5 Metre sections can be added for $600 per section (for 10 Metre hires).


Please note that the above prices do not include installation or delivery and pick up fees.

Suggested capacity limits are for a standing function like a cocktail style event. For more formal seated events, we recommend adjusting the size of the marquee to suit your number of guests. We can help you to establish the correct size for your function.

Marquees can be changed to suit your needs. Silk Linings, Fairy Lighting and Clear Walls can be added at an extra charge.

Prices updated October 2019

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